Saturday, August 29, 2009

What have I accomplished today?

Another Saturday is near the end, and did I get anything finished? No. My new sewing machine was doing strange things and I rushed it to the hospital. Well, by the time I drove the 30 miles, I decided I should try a few things first. I walked around that huge quilt store and was not inspired by anything. I went to another quilt store north of Seattle called The Quilting Loft and did buy another $40 worth of fabric.

I changed the thread in my machine and now it is working just fine. Could my Bernina be that sensitive? My Viking never complained about thread. I was using some Italian thread called Aurifil. It was $10!! I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and bought some Gutermann's. My machine apparently prefers German thread. I must say that the automatic threader, the automatic cutter, and everything seems to work better with Gutermann's thread.

Here is some of the fabric I picked up at the Quilting Loft. I love the polka dots of course. I was thinking maybe a coin quilt. I have never made one of those. I did finish the top of a pinwheel quilt, but i am not that crazy about it. Maybe I will take a picture of it tomorrow with something other than my iPhone.


  1. Fab loking fabric, I went to my sewing mach, shop on Thursday . I was going in there with my friend ,her walking foot had fallen to bits . .He had a lil ol Bernina 600 for sale £130 , I just had to have it, you only get these when someone dies--cottonreel

  2. I can't believe your machine doesn't love Aurifil thread ..... my Janome loves loves it.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I need to find this Fabric Loft the next time I'm in Seattle visiting my kids.

  4. Hi sandy, It is called Quilting Loft located in Balard, Washington, just north of Seattle. Small store, they have plenty of Amy Butler for sure. I live south of Seattle, so i have only been there twice. Very cute town, though, known for being a Norwegian town (I am very Norwegian !!!).