Thursday, September 10, 2009

Country Quilt

This is a block for the quilt that the husband wants. The fabric was found in Whitefish, Montana at the cutest quilt store. I have made 4 blocks and then got interested in other projects. He doesn't understand that!

My machine is needing to go to the doctor. For some reason the tension is not what it should be and that has me all crazy since it is a brand new machine and cost me a fortune.

I am on my way to Indiana for a week, so there will be no sewing for awhile. I will also be driving to South Carolina for a few days. I will search for quilt stores via my iPhone, which is such a cool feature of the GPS. Maybe my kids will let me stop at a few of them, but they are driving, I am just the passenger.

It is time to start packing, my plane leaves in 8 hours!!! and I still need to get some sleep!


  1. What feature on the iPhone searches for quilt shops?? I am leaving on vaca tomorrow and would really love to know! (I really enjoy your blog, by the way)