Monday, September 7, 2009

Flea Market Fancy

I just saw a yard of this fabric going for $40 on ebay. I can't believe that. I never got any of this line, I would like some, but I will not be paying more than $9.50 a yard!! I wonder how it's going with the group of quilters trying to bring the line back into production ( I did join the group ).

I am going to Ikea to turn the back bedroom into a sewing room instead of the dining room. The kid leaves in 2 weeks, and it won't have room for him to sleep in any more. Just kidding, he has found room on the floor to sleep all summer long. Funny thing, he had a bedroom with a queen size bed, but he preferred to sleep on the floor in my exercise room. I don't get it.....I know it used to be his bedroom, but his bed and stuff are away at college. The kid doesn't like change....

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