Friday, September 11, 2009

How to find a quilt store via your iPhone

It's really fun to take road trips and find quilt stores in the middle of nowhere or find them all over a big city! It's easy, just open up Maps. Tap on Search, Tap on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner. This will open your search. Then just type in "quilt stores", and whatever area you are in, red pins will drop down all over the map, wherever a quilt store is!! You can also type in "quilt stores in Indianapolis" or wherever. Then tap a red dot and the name of the quilt store will appear, tap on the right arrow thing and it will take you to a screen with the address, phone number, and website for that quilt store. BUT the coolest thing is that you can then tap, "Directions to Here", you will get all the directions you need to get to that quilt store!!! Any questions please write me. Sandy, thanks for asking!!!!

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  1. You are SUCH a doll!! Thanks so much for posting this. I'll try it out on our trip.