Monday, October 26, 2009


Have you received your H1N1 shot or intranasal vaccine? I encourage everyone to get it. There are several of my nurses that are refusing but after having a few deaths in my hospital on healthy low-risk patients, I am ready to get mine. Although we are short on our supply, I will get mine as soon as I am able. I work at a major trauma hospital and I am surprised that even we are not able to receive enough vaccines. Age 2- 49 get the intranasal and over 50 get the shot.

The Christmas season will soon be here and I am starting to make some Christmas gifts, here is a start of one. Not sure what it is going to be : ) A pillow? A potholder? A pocket on an apron?

We are still working on finishing up the sewing room and also the guest bedroom. It has taken up a few weekends now and I am ready to get that over with. Spending lots of money on things I don't want to be spending money on. Like closets. I am wanting to buy some of the new Amy Butler fabric!!


  1. H1N1 has already come to my house. My youngest was diagnosed with it this afternoon. The death thing is kind of scary...she was not considered high risk so they wouldn't give her the tamaflu.