Friday, October 16, 2009


October is half over. Can you believe it? My sewing room is almost finished being painted. I fell asleep on the couch, as usual, around 8:30 last night while he was painting. I checked out the room this morning and all he has left is the trim work and the inside of the closet. I ordered a new closet system from Storables which I will pick up tomorrow. That was over $700, lots to spend on a closet I suppose.

Having some health issues. Going to my main doc this morning. Had a terrible 'procedure' done on Monday. It was absolutely the worst pain in my life and as a nurse, I cannot believe they would even do that without some sedation. The doc said they might have to do it again as she does not know if they got enough tissue to sample. That will be up to the pathologist. Well, doc, next time, it will be done in the OR with anesthesia, because I am not doing that again!

Here is a block I did awhile back, I did about 10 of them, all wonky different. I should get back to this and finish it, but as you might guess, I have lots of unfinished stuff laying around, which is one reason a $700 closet system was purchased. I am so ready to get this room organized!!

By the way, the block is from my favorite blogger, Jacquie, from TallgrassPrairie. I think the circle fabric is the exact fabric that she had posted on her blog some months back. She is my inspiration. She has a tutorial on how to make wonky log cabins if you are interested, right here.

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