Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

It's one of those nights and I can not sleep. I took a headache pill, which can make me drowsy, but it hasn't started working yet. I am reading quilting blogs and decided to write on my own.

My sister called me today and is looking at a new sewing machine. She doesn't even sew. The saleslady is trying to sell her the Bernina 440QE. This is a really nice machine, a bit over her head, but she called me to get my opinion on the price, etc. I hope she gets it, she deserves something nice for herself. She is interested in learning to quilt. The machine is selling for $2899 brand new from a dealer. Not a bad price for that machine. Something tells me that she won't spend that much!

I did some playing with the embroidery on my machine. My next project is going to be a sewing machine cover. My old machine had a hard plastic cover that was easy to put on, but this machine came with a soft case that I would only use if I was taking it someplace or putting in a closet and since my machine sits out on a table, it needs a cover.

My nephew is having a baby and I just bought some embroidery designs that are so cute. I can't wait to make something. A bib would be something quick and fun. One of the designs says "big brother", I could make that for Jakob who will be a big brother in about 6 months :) Here is a picture of my little sweetie that I never get to see because he is 200 miles away.
This was at his Grandma's house, the toy is one of his daddy's from 30 years ago. I can't find any better pictures than this one. I hope to see him soon. He lives on the other side of the mountains.

It's a good thing that daylight savings starts tonight, at least I get another hour to sleep. It is now nearly 2am, which means it is really now 1am. That doesn't sound nearly so bad.

I am buying embroidery thread online. I heard about this site that sells Isacord 1000m for just $3.15. I pay that at JoAnn's for Sulky and it only has 225m(250 yards) on it. Husbands don't know that you can easily spend $100 on thread. You agree that they don't need to know those things right?

I need to get up in 6 hours to go to church...... I really must get some sleep......I put a really comfty chair in my sewing room that I am sitting in right now. I find myself spending all my time in this room, big tv, nice sewing machine, everything I need......

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