Monday, March 29, 2010

Head Cold

I don't know if it's this cold or what, but I am sick of making this shirt. In fact today, I accidently cut the fabric right near the front, I think I'm going to toss it in the garbage soon. Or do you think I cut it on purpose?

I'm feeling a little bit more like making a quilt!! Imagine that!

I have already called in sick tomorrow. I just took 2 advil, and 2 tylenol cold and sinus tablets. I ache, and I can't breathe. I haven't gotten out of bed all day. It has been pouring down rain all day, a good day to lay around. We have had this terrible cold going around work and I started to get it on Saturday. I cancelled my trip to Wenatchee on Saturday, but then after eating and taking a shower I felt better and jumped in the car for the 3 hour drive. It was my great-nephew's 2 year birthday. I'm glad I went.

He saw his dog pee on a rock and thought it looked like fun, so his dad let him try. These are the tricks you do to potty-train your little boy I guess.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vogue 1054 by ralph rucci Chado

This is my next sewing adventure. I am making it in a deep raspberry or maybe it's just a plain red tencel. I love tencel. The pattern is labeled as "advanced". I don't know what makes it advanced, but if they want to tell me that I am an advanced sewer I will let them. Lots of seams to this shirt. I think every section has 3 pieces that you seam together, then bind in a contrasting fabric (didn't know that until I brought it home, then had to go get more fabric). The buttonholes are hidden behind the " front fly" and have bound buttonholes. You mean I can't use my fancy, smanchy buttonholer on my million dollar machine? I think I will bypass the bound buttonholes, maybe. Then it calls for hand stitched trim on the collar and front fly. I don't know that I will do that either.

I've got the front and back sections seamed and connected at the side and shoulder seams. Next is to work on the 'front fly'.

I think my sewing is finished for the night. I have 4 days of hard work ahead of me and then this weekend I am going across the mountains to my great-nephew's 2 year birthday party. His mom is about to pop out baby boy #2 in about 2 weeks.

I spent 3 hours of the day at my My Label club. Today, we were shown how to make Besom pocket. I've done that kind of thing years ago. It was nice to see someone else do it and hear all her tips. She brought with her one of those Singer Featherweights. It smelled kinda bad, but they swear it makes the best straight stitch. After watching her use it, I didn't really want one....but we'll see.

Hubby is making dinner, and I am drinking a glass of wine. The big red dog is at my feet. These are how my evenings are, mmmm, the smell of garlic is the best aroma........

Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect Day for Making a BABY QUILT

My day off!! I love them. Today, it is raining and I love to stay inside and sew. I have a lovely view from my sewing room. Spring is on its way as the magnolia tree (or whatever it is) is starting to bloom.

Here is the quilt that I am making for my new(only) grand baby coming October 14th. I bought the material at the Sew Expo in Puyallup, that was the day I found out about this little one. I had no patterns, so I just thought I'd make a little coin quilt.

You can't tell I want a girl can you?

I decided to channel quilt the white strips, after much playing around.

I did lots of stitching in the ditch.

This is almost the finished product. I haven't started the binding, but I want to put some stitching in the coins and I can't decide what to do.

It's kinda blurry but can you see the x's. Or I could put some little flower design which sorta mimics the flowers on the backing.

SO if you would please comment and let me know what you think I should do

Should I:
  1. Stitch in the ditch
  2. leave it alone
  3. put x's in the ditch
  4. put a flower design in the ditch
thanks :-)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have some news to share with anyone who wants to listen.......... I am going to be a grandma. Now do I look like a grandma? I don't think so : ) This might not be public information, but since this is such a quiet blog, no one is going to find out anyway. The date is around October 17, so we have a long way to go. This will be my first grandbaby. My mother has 2 great-grand son's, so I am hoping for a little girl, but I will take whatever I get. The sadness comes when I think that they are so far away from me. My little daughter-in-law is such a tiny thing and she has no mother but me. Oh, how I wish they would move near me. I bought some material at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup to make a little baby quilt. I was told of this baby as I was driving to the Expo, and then I couldn't think straight for the whole time I was there!!

I bought material at the Marcy Tilton booth and also some linen and Tencel at some booth that I can't remember the name. I think that is all I bought. I made a pair of pants so far, and I finished that white shirt. My husband took some goofy pictures of me in it, so I will post, when I get home.
I also am working on a 5-day headache. It just won't go away. I am so glad it is Friday and I will have 2 days off so I don't have to think about work. Work has been busy busy, but today, I gave myself a easy job(i am the boss thank goodness), so far so good, but soon I will have to go down to x-ray and do some hard procedures that may take several hours. Headaches associated with nausea are just no fun.....