Monday, March 29, 2010

Head Cold

I don't know if it's this cold or what, but I am sick of making this shirt. In fact today, I accidently cut the fabric right near the front, I think I'm going to toss it in the garbage soon. Or do you think I cut it on purpose?

I'm feeling a little bit more like making a quilt!! Imagine that!

I have already called in sick tomorrow. I just took 2 advil, and 2 tylenol cold and sinus tablets. I ache, and I can't breathe. I haven't gotten out of bed all day. It has been pouring down rain all day, a good day to lay around. We have had this terrible cold going around work and I started to get it on Saturday. I cancelled my trip to Wenatchee on Saturday, but then after eating and taking a shower I felt better and jumped in the car for the 3 hour drive. It was my great-nephew's 2 year birthday. I'm glad I went.

He saw his dog pee on a rock and thought it looked like fun, so his dad let him try. These are the tricks you do to potty-train your little boy I guess.

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