Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect Day for Making a BABY QUILT

My day off!! I love them. Today, it is raining and I love to stay inside and sew. I have a lovely view from my sewing room. Spring is on its way as the magnolia tree (or whatever it is) is starting to bloom.

Here is the quilt that I am making for my new(only) grand baby coming October 14th. I bought the material at the Sew Expo in Puyallup, that was the day I found out about this little one. I had no patterns, so I just thought I'd make a little coin quilt.

You can't tell I want a girl can you?

I decided to channel quilt the white strips, after much playing around.

I did lots of stitching in the ditch.

This is almost the finished product. I haven't started the binding, but I want to put some stitching in the coins and I can't decide what to do.

It's kinda blurry but can you see the x's. Or I could put some little flower design which sorta mimics the flowers on the backing.

SO if you would please comment and let me know what you think I should do

Should I:
  1. Stitch in the ditch
  2. leave it alone
  3. put x's in the ditch
  4. put a flower design in the ditch
thanks :-)


  1. I think I would go with the flowers. There is too much quilting in the white to just leave it alone. With all those straight lines everywhere, you need some curves, Yup, Flowers.


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