Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vogue 1054 by ralph rucci Chado

This is my next sewing adventure. I am making it in a deep raspberry or maybe it's just a plain red tencel. I love tencel. The pattern is labeled as "advanced". I don't know what makes it advanced, but if they want to tell me that I am an advanced sewer I will let them. Lots of seams to this shirt. I think every section has 3 pieces that you seam together, then bind in a contrasting fabric (didn't know that until I brought it home, then had to go get more fabric). The buttonholes are hidden behind the " front fly" and have bound buttonholes. You mean I can't use my fancy, smanchy buttonholer on my million dollar machine? I think I will bypass the bound buttonholes, maybe. Then it calls for hand stitched trim on the collar and front fly. I don't know that I will do that either.

I've got the front and back sections seamed and connected at the side and shoulder seams. Next is to work on the 'front fly'.

I think my sewing is finished for the night. I have 4 days of hard work ahead of me and then this weekend I am going across the mountains to my great-nephew's 2 year birthday party. His mom is about to pop out baby boy #2 in about 2 weeks.

I spent 3 hours of the day at my My Label club. Today, we were shown how to make Besom pocket. I've done that kind of thing years ago. It was nice to see someone else do it and hear all her tips. She brought with her one of those Singer Featherweights. It smelled kinda bad, but they swear it makes the best straight stitch. After watching her use it, I didn't really want one....but we'll see.

Hubby is making dinner, and I am drinking a glass of wine. The big red dog is at my feet. These are how my evenings are, mmmm, the smell of garlic is the best aroma........

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  1. Yah, I would skip the bound buttonholes, too, since they are behind a front fly.

    You are really brave. That is a classy looking shirt!