Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anna Maria Horner pincushion caddy

I bought the book written by Anna Maria Horner, Seams to Me, last year sometime with the intent of at least making the adorable pin cushion caddy. I cut out the pattern pieces and got it all together and it was a mess. I found out later from some internet searches that the pattern pieces from the book are WAY off. I nearly threw this thing away but I kept making the curves smaller and smaller to fit the inner tube. I should have just made the inner tube lots bigger but it was too late for that. I finished it, its crooked, stuffed strangely, but it does work as a handy dandy pincushion caddy. My husband was laughing at me for throwing this thing around the living room, when I was thoroughly disgusted that the pattern pieces didn't fit.

Someone online figured out a formula to make the pattern work, and if I wasn't in a hurry I would post that. Maybe later.

I do think this little caddy is a great addition to any sewers to catch all those things we need to keep handy.

Unfortunately, I just got a emergency call, it's off to work for a call case.....

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