Sunday, April 4, 2010

My DIL likes purple

It really isn't my fav color but I found some purple I like. A wonky or not so wonky log cabin is what I will make her. There is one more print that I found that I am going to throw in for my son.

He loves his fish and this has cute little pink fishies and the perfect color yellow fish.

I found a GREAT new quilt store in Seattle. This one is called Fabric Crush. This store is for the contemporary quilter I would say. It is located in Wallingford Center in Seattle. It is in a old building which they have restored with very cute swanky little stores inside. The lighting in this store is remarkable. Here are some pictures I found. They also had a good selection of books for sale. I wanted all of them!

Happy Easter everyone! Unfortunately I have another emergency case at the hospital. According to my new device down the page I had visitors from all over the world yesterday!! I would love to read comments~~~~ Hello?


  1. We have something in common. My soon to be daughter in law loves purple too. When we talked about a wedding quilt she wants purple. Purple and black.

    Not my ideal of perfect colors. I am a shabby chic sort of gal with lots of pastels.

    I will make the purple quilt but I don't think I'll hand quilt it. After all my LQS does a wonderful job at machine quilting.

  2. The fabrics are great!

    I need to check out the new quilt shop the next time I'm in Seattle to visit my kids. July? Sooner??
    Thanks for the tip!!