Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Changes

This has been quite the year, I had a grandson delivered October 13th. He arrived weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. Such a perfect healthy boy. Elias is his name, looks just like my son.

Mother and baby are doing fine, although she did have to have a C-section, just like I did with the baby's father!.

The baby's room is light green with white baby furniture. I hope I have the right greens here. If not, it can be a on the floor quilt.

The back is minkee, that super duper soft stuff that I now want to have for a quilt of my own!! I think everyone needs one.

While this pregnancy was going on, Grandma (me) was busy preparing for a divorce. Life changes......I am now out of the house, living in a temporary living situation, life has been tough and rather abusive. How did that happen? It's an unfortunate situation which had to stop. Not much quilting or other sewing has been going on with me, but now that I am halfway situated, the quilting has begun,,,,off to make another baby quilt. This one is going to be inspired by my son's love of fish.

I hope my writing and quilting will help me with my life changes, cause things are really crazy for me right now, sewing needs to be my stress reliever......


  1. I have to tell you that I have missed you! I kept checking your blog for updates, so I am glad to see you back. AND so glad that you are getting your new and exciting life started!!

    Writing and quilting are both excellent therapy. Keep up with both. Do them for YOU.

  2. PS -- the baby quilt is lovely. Congrats on little Elias!!!