Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Season

Making some last minute gifts for my son and daughter-in-law. It is a match to the baby quilt that is not quite finished. I hope they like it.

I put the binding on completely by machine, no hand sewing done at all. It is always a frightening thing to wonder how the binding in the back is doing while you are stitching in the ditch.
Turned out pretty good on that back side. I love to make potholders, but I have never made them for myself. Tomorrow I will make a matching hand towel. I don't know if my daughter-in-law will think they are silly or not. I know that the colors are perfect for her kitchen. I think my son does most of the cooking and he loves fish, hence the cute little Swimmy fish in the middle.

Tomorrow I am going to go buy some DMC floss and do some embroidery. I don't know where that urge is coming from. Actually I do, I found a cute little design that I purchased online here. It is just so cute I can't stand it. I did lots of embroidery before I had kids and my mother still displays some huge things I made years ago. My mom doesn't throw anything away.

I also am getting the urge to do some knitting for that grandbaby of knitting books are packed away in storage and that just irritates me so much. I wouldn't be able to find the books with boxes because there is too much furniture in the way. It seems I will never get much stuff back. You know my stuff, craft books, fabric.....I brought to my temporary living area as little as I could, but as much sewing stuff as possible...not much room but I've got the basics.

The divorce is going slow because the soon to be ex cannot refinance the house. Seems he needs my income. What a shock.

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  1. How darling! And OF COURSE your daughter-in-law will love their gifts. Now get online and find some knitting patterns for that baby!!

    (You sound great, by the way!)