Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Black Skirt

How do you take a picture of a black skirt? I have made 2 in 2 weeks. Recently discovered Christine Jonson patterns, which seem to be quite fabulous although expensive. This time of year I like to wear boots, tights, and anything that goes with them. A simple black skirt was needed. I actually paid way too much for a Eileen Fisher skirt, a black ponte, just like I wanted but it was 2 inches or more too long and since it cost a million dollars I did not want to cut into the fabric, so I started on a quest to make myself the perfect black skirt. I believe the task was accomplished.......

The first skirt was made with a black ponte and I made it similar to the instructions, elastic encased in the waistband. Although it won't be seen, I didn't really want that kind of waistband. I wanted it to be like the million dollar skirt. 

The second skirt was made with this sorta heathered stretch fabric, kinda looks like black denim, looks solid until you stretch it. Casual looking but nice and stable. This time I put 4 darts around the waistband, about 3/8". Then I cut 1 1/4 inch elastic about one inch less than the waistband and serged the elastic to the waistband. Turned it under, and coverstitched it. It  looks like a flat straight skirt without elastic but it is totally stretchy. Just what I wanted and of course, I had to add my label, which is part of my last name combined with knits. I love it and I have accomplished my goal of making
  the perfect black skirt. 

I have always had problems buying skirts. Pencil skirts that is. I like the look but my waist has always been too small. At least that is what I used to say. I could say my butt is too big. Somehow store bought skirts don't fit in those two places, if it's perfect in the waist, it's too tight in the butt. (until I bought the million dollar skirt, that one does fit well, that is why I bought it). 

Now I plan to make the perfect long skirt, maybe I'll wear it for Christmas. So I plan to use a new sewing term I learned from Christine Jonson's patterns. Negative ease. You sew darts in the waistband out of stretchy fabric and you don't need elastic. There are only 2 pattern pieces and I will be able to make it to fit my fat bottom and it will magically fit my waist, I hope.

I really don't have a fat bottom......In fact, I got into a app on my iPhone that I had  gotten in 2009 called Lose It. It's a diet type app. I hadn't looked into that app for quite some time and was VERY surprised that I have lost 13 lbs since 2009. WOW. Who knew I was losing weight? It is certain that leaving that terrible life is doing good things to me. I knew that 'that life' was taking a toll on me, I was very unhappy and I had gained 35 lbs. in 2 years. Talk about being depressed, not only was I miserable, I was getting fatter and fatter. Now I realize that I have lost 19 to 20 lbs. total.  To me that sounds amazing. Being a little girl all my life, it is amazing. I don't know that I will ever get down to the weight I was 7 years ago,  that would be another 15 lbs. I think maybe I was too small then, so 8 more pounds would be fabulous, absolutely fabulous....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

holy moly

I actually have been doing quite a bit of sewing lately, did you ever have a favorite shirt that had seen better days? Well I have one of those. It is my favorite designer, and I know I have a spending problem with her. I do not want to spend another $98 on a simple little shirt. So I decided to copy it. The first shirt I didn't make a pattern piece, which I did because it fit perfect, just a bit snug. So now I am trying to make a pattern piece

Here is the tracing that I did with a temporary marker. Love these little weights to hold the fabric still.

The front piece is the cut on the left. I bought the fabric several years ago, so it felt like I made this shirt for free. I have a large stash of basic fabric for tons of stuff that I am making now. I also just ordered some fabric from Emma One Sock. That site even has some Eileen Fisher fabric that I buy occasionally!  Can't wait for my purchase to arrive. 

 The shirt was done completely on my BabyLock serger. Sometimes I wish a serger had a speed control because it goes too fast.

I always have to make a label. I was thinking my own label could be koroknits.

My serger does a fabulous cover stitch. I did all the hemming for the sleeves, neckline, and hem with the cover stitch,  it was finished so fast.

 I love it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

 I went to two fabric stores today hoping to get inspired to do some sewing. Between the two stores I spent $200. I hope I use the fabric. I liked this rather wild contemporary fabric. My, gray, white, with a splash of yellow. Anything with a splash. My favorite quilt to make has been a strip quilt, the one I made my daughter. I think this might be a strip quilt.
I also bought some fat quarter packs, one is Hometown. The other is Rivoli. Cute stuff. Have no clue what I'm going to do with them.....

I am well now. I finished my antibiotics and am back to work. This is my 4-day weekend, so I am taking it easy. Wish I had some energy to sew. I think if I start sewing, I am not going to wash the fabric. What do you think? I always wash my fabric, I just don't feel like doing it.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No sewing

I need some inspiration to start some sewing..

I got sick last night. Started to pee blood. Sorry, gross, I know. tell me about it. I was supposed to go to work today but went to the doctor and found out I have pyelonephritis. Great. They also want me to stay home for three days. That is the only good thing about this I think. Now, if I felt  good, I would start sewing. I only have 5 blocks to go to finish a quilt. But I feel, blah. and my flank area feels sick. No pain, just a gnawing discomfort in my flanks. If I do too much, I start to pee blood again, I guess I need to rest.

The only energy I have is to take pictures of myself with my computer, therefore, here is a picture of myself. I am so bored......

Saturday, September 10, 2011

At the Beach

 I made a sudden trip to Cannon Beach all by myself. Arrived yesterday and what a beautiful weekend it will be!!! Happy girl here!!!

After all my walking on the beach, I have the blisters to prove it, darn thongs!!  Today I will be barefoot with sunshine, sand, ocean, and my Kindle. Time to relax!!!

  I confess, I have more than one new quilt in my head. As far as the works in progress, I have 44 of 60 blocks completed(2 quilts). Fall is in the air, I can tell, this is the time when projects run amuck in my head.

I have my Bernina 730 for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. Sale ends Monday. Hope you enjoy my photo's, I think they look amazing myself!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I have been busy making two quilts at the same time. One for me,one for my daughter. My daughter-in-law is next. I have 40 blocks finished with 20 more to go. Maybe I'll make my DIL the same quilt in her favorite colors. These are 2 colored organic solids. Just love the organic fabric, so soft. Should be able to sew lots this holiday weekend. Yeah! I'm thinking of doing some hand quilting with Perlé cotton. Never did that before. Btw, I got over the trauma of my second date...I am quite happy by myself and love my little nook where I have my sewing area set up. My sister is close to finishing her first quilt. She has worked on it for a year! She is attempting stippling . I told her that was pretty difficult for a first quilt but that didn't seem t matter. She will be coming over to learn to do the binding! Proud of her, at age 60! I have found out that the ex has forged my name on a rather substantial check! The things he has done continue to amaze me. Can you say prison time ? He really deserves a little R&R in the tank. I'm going to see grand baby in 2 weeks. He is 11 months old. We will be going to Myrtle Beach for a week. Will be nice to go in a warm ocean, can't wait.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Second date

Tell me how you feel about this comment on the second date. This coming from a professional, successful airline pilot of a major airlines who claims to be a "Christian".

 "Take your bra off so I can see your titty's under your shirt".

The date was over.  God help us.

Back to being a non-dating person.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Date

I'm dying to spill the beans that I had my official first date after my traumatic and well-deserved divorce! After a year of being alone, I met someone and yesterday we 'went out'.

Dying here,,,,,,who would think a woman my age would be giddy!  It feels just like high school, I must say.

Shall I tell you about him?

Here I am on his sailboat. What fun I had!

He's a pilot for a major airline, he is one year older than me. He is fit, he is good looking, he was fun. And the best part is that there was definitely a mutual attraction......just saying....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Make-up bag completed!

Here is my medium size make-up bag finished and in use! It is completely vinyl to stay clean from all my messy accidents while traveling. 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

another bag

I got a bit side-tracked because of the error the printer did. I had taken the pattern to a printer to have them enlarge it to 400%. I cut out fabric all evening and when I was putting it together I knew there was something wrong, I paid nearly  $30 for this stupid printer and I think they only enlarged it to 200%. I wasted lots of fabric and time. I decided to use the scraps for potholders. Not quite finished but here is the start with my "new-old initials". (I went back to my other name, I would like to erase the past 5 years from my life, especially anything to do with that name).

I bought all this vinyl fabric for some bags and I couldn't help but start. I have the panels for the outside and the lining finished. Next is the zipper. The lining is the houndstooth in the background. Isn't that the cutest fabric.? I'm not using it for a eyeglass case though, but I have enough fabric to do that. I plan to use it for makeup. I needed a cute bag for my cute bathroom in my very cute apartment. I think my daughter will love this bag too and I will probably have to make one for her and also my daughter-in-law. I don't why I love making these bags, but I sure do....

Friday, August 5, 2011

First Block

Here is the first block of the Drunk Love quilt. What do you think? Too bright? The pink will stay but I'm thinking of trying Kona mustard with it. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

inspiration bag

Today I went to Pacific Fabrics on 4th Avenue to find me some solid Kona fabric for the Denyse Schmidt quilt.  I think I went a little crazy. I wanted bright, and I love this shopping bag I use around town.

Not sure if the colors will show up correctly but it is a orange and bright pink strap. I found some of the organic fabric in the colors that looked good next to the bag, and I went for it. Now that I am home, I am blinded by the brightness! Holy moly! They are in the wash right now, surely they will fade once I wash it a few times. The back is probably going to be a turquoise. That ought to tone it down a bit. Yeah right.

Another beautiful day in Seattle!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have been doing so much reading lately, I have had no time for sewing. My million dollar machine is feeling lonely. I decided to take a trip to Pacific Fabrics. Pacific Fabrics closed the store that I used to go to before I moved to Seattle. In my adventures checking out the stores around here, I was thrilled to find the Pacific Fabrics just 7 miles from where I sit. I jump on the freeway and I am there in minutes. Today I picked up a bunch of laminate fabric to make more bags. But then when I got home I started playing around with fabric and books and online stuff and I found this picture from Denyse Schmidt's website and my mind is now wanting to make one of these. The pattern is called Drunk Love 2-tone. My last quilts have been made with solid fabrics, so this fits right in. Now to decide the colors. It took me 2 seconds to figure out that I wanted to do red and orange, something like the top quilt that you can barely see....

I don't really care about quilt patterns much any more but it just so happens I have the book that this pattern is in. It must be meant to be. It is now late Sunday night, the weekend is almost over. My father has a birthday tomorrow, he will be 84. My parents are driving up here and I am going to take them out to dinner. The good thing is that I don't work tomorrow. Yeah. I will try to do some sewing before they get here....

Inspiration is kicking in......

Friday, June 17, 2011


There is no sewing going on around this place, but I have been doing some reading.

I decided to get a Kindle. My co-worker thought the Nook Color was better and she highly recommended it. So I walked to the Barnes and Noble store and couldn't make up my mind which one I liked. I decided to buy it and return the one I didn't like. I decided to return the Kindle when I found out that a bunch of books I want to read are not available on the Nook although, according to the information on the website the Nook has 2 million books available. hmmph

Then my sister was given a Kindle and wanted to get a iPad, or a iPhone and couldn't decide what she should do. What is wrong with us? She is very incapable of doing anything on a computer, but for her needs I thought she should get the iPad. She finally just returned her Kindle and ordered a iPad. It hasn't arrived yet.

THEN, I knew she would ask me a million questions on how to use the iPad since I am the Macgirl and she can hardly turn a electronic device on. Since I really wanted a iPad to begin with but was trying to be frugal, I ordered a iPad and it arrived about 2 weeks ago. My excuse was that if I needed to help my sister, I had better have the device the fact that my sister can't have an electronic device before me.....

Now I have 3 eReaders. This is just stupid.

If I could, I would probably return the Nook Color, but the return policy says it has to be done within 2 weeks. Since I did all this the Nook has come out with a different Nook and I think I actually like that one. No, I am not going to buy it.

What I have found out is I use all of them. I especially like the Kindle for the treadmill. It is so small and lightweight. It fits nicely in my purse and I can read at lunch when I am at work.

I also have the Kindle app (and also the Nook app) on my iPhone, so when I am stuck somewhere I can read on my phone and then when I use my Kindle, or iPad the next time, it will automatically sync to the last page I read. This is really a good thing.

The iPad and the Nook are good for reading in bed because of the light, but the Kindle is great for reading out on the deck. The Nook has Angry Birds on it(so does the iPad) and I love Angry Birds.

I love the way the iPad and the Nook turn pages. In fact, that is my only complaint about the Kindle. I keep accidentally touching the sides and it will turn the page. The iPad and the Nook use the slide or touch of your finger on the screen and that works much better for me.

So depending on where I am, depends on which one I am using. Don't tell anyone that I have 3 eReaders.

Monday, June 6, 2011

OS X Lion

I'm a Mac girl. Everything Mac. Am I excited about the new OS Lion?  You bet!!!  I am a computer weirdo tech girl, don't know why I am on this forum, but I am.

I have resisted the temptation to get an iPad, but I have ordered one and it is now in Anchorage, Alaska (according to my tracking inquiry). Should be delivered to Seattle maybe tomorrow, or the next day. My sister is the sensible one. She was raised when my parents didn't make much money. Me, on the other hand, grew up with a Nordstrom charge card. Not necessarily a good thing. She has taken the plunge and ordered one too. I will have to help her because she has trouble opening email......So my reasoning is that I had to get one to help her.....

She has her grandkids about 3 hours away and is excited to use FaceTime. They have tried Skype, but have troubles. FaceTime for me and my kids in Indiana is effortless.

I just saw the video of Steve Jobs in his keynote speech for Apple. God bless this man. He looks thinner than ever. I pray for him. He needs our prayers for his health. He has been such a good thing for our country and our technology. Even if you are a PC person. Please, I am from Microsoft country here in Seattle. I appreciate all computer techno weirdo's. God bless Steve Jobs.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thea's Puzzle Quilt

Here are the pictures of my washed quilt for my new apartment. It is soft and wrinkly and comfty. I use it every night on the couch. I keep falling asleep on the couch and sleep until 1 am. I think TV programs automatically turn up the volume at 1 am, because that is what wakes me up to go to bed.
This is the finished quilt I made for my
"City Apartment"

Had to make some coasters to match. Green seems to be the color  I keep buying for my new life.
A potholder of course......

I named the quilt 'City Quilt"

simple cross grid.....

love these colors....

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I sat in my apartment most of the day, in fact, all day long. I took a 2 hour nap also, it felt great.

I did my exercise tapes this morning, which totally wiped me out, and I keep saying to myself how old I am and that is my excuse as to why I can't complete the stupid tapes. I have done them 4 times, and maybe I am getting better so I will keep trying. No matter how much I exercise, I have gained 7 pounds for no good reason. I can't think of a good reason anyway. I am not eating much, I have exercised at least 3 times a week. It has been quite disturbing.....

I bought a Nook Color. Another thing that I bought for no good reason. I bought several books for the cute thing today but can't seem to get interested in anything. I bought a bright pink case and a bright pink "charm", so it looks very cute. I bought a cookbook, a Bible, and some other interesting reads suggested by my attorney friend. Maybe I will read some tonight.

I made a great little dinner for myself. I sliced some red peppers, and sauteed them in olive oil, and added some cannellini beans for some protein. Sauteed it until they were soft and yummy. A bowl full of spinach leaves, a bunch of crumbled goat cheese, poured the peppers and beans on top of that and added some balsamic viniagrette dressing, homemade of course. It was quite yummy. Red wine too, which I continue to sip.....

After I finish my wine, I am going to get into my exercise clothes again and go downstairs and get on the treadmill for at least 30, maybe for an hour. and walk alternating with a jog. You'd think I'd lose a little, probably not with the way things are going.

I have seen all the traffic today going to some event at Seattle Center. I think it is some sort of festival of folk music. I am walking distance to the Space Needle. I have a view of it as I leave my place. I love my little apartment, it is very cute. I am 1.2 miles from work. It is heaven. I have gained 2 hours a day since I don't commute anymore from the south. I am SO happy with that. I am SO much less tired.

I hope I don't sound depressed. I am very happy with my new life. I can't even explain how happy I am to be away from being yelled at. Finally, I figured out that essentially I was being abused and I didn't even know it. It was quite shocking to me how I was treated in the end. Thank GOD, I am out of that situation......

I started to cut out something to make myself. Not another quilt but a nightgown. I am trying not to spend any money and I have SO much material. I need a NIGHTGOWN. I don't have a pattern but will try to make something up of what I have. My new goal, SIMPLIFY. It is going to be a sleeveless nightgown made of off white ponte knit (it's what I have). I hope it isn't too heavy weight, but in Seattle, it never gets too warm. At least that is a rare thing. It will be a V neck, mid-knee length, slits up the side. top stitched in grey. So far it is laying on the floor, awaiting me to cut it out......I have all day tomorrow to get it started.......I think I will try a new church tomorrow.....any suggestions of churches in Seattle???

Friday, May 27, 2011

March 27

Hello world,
I think today is the day that I am divorced, not quite sure. I signed the papers and feel it is time to celebrate. 5 years of a very different life for me. I am ready to get back to my normal life. If he signs papers today, it will either be filed in the courts today or this coming Tuesday.

I now live in downtown Seattle in a high-rise apartment and living where I should have been living for the past 7 years, instead of living in a rural area with someone that I don't quite know how I ended up with. Unfortunately, I was taken to the cleaners. I guess this is what happens in this state and my attorney friend thinks I did okay. He at least didn't take any of my retirement which he kept threatening me that he was going to do. I married someone who loved to spend my money and I felt like a hamster on a wheel trying to keep up with the bills. I also didn't like financing an adult child as he sat and watched movies all day long after sleeping until noon. I was up at 4:30 getting ready for work, and would leave both the husband and his son sleeping and when I arrived home after working 10 hours and a 2 hour commute, they were home watching movies......I am stuck paying half of his $14,000 Visa that was in his name and I had no connection to. I guess I have to pay for my mistake and that is what I am doing. I am ready for my new life.

So here I am, in my cute little apartment, drinking Vodka tonics and writing to a blog that I haven't written on in a few months.

I have been sewing though. I made a quilt for my new place. Pictures soon....

Friday, March 4, 2011


I really have been doing lots of sewing lately, really. Just finishing a baby quilt for my sister's grandson for his daycare.....

If anyone cares, I am going through an ugly divorce......seems he thinks I should be paying him lots of money, well, honey, you will soon be taking care of yourself and not relying on my income. Any day now, I should be done with this nonsense. One item of advice for every woman alive. Get a pre-nup. Even if you have no money. Get a pre-nup and say that you are not responsible for any of his bills without your name on it. That is the problem I am having. He thought he won the lottery when he married me and whoo-hoo, he was spending like I had all the money in the world to pay his Visa. Even though my name was not on his Visa. His response. Well, this is all "our stuff" . No it's not. He has 70% of the assets. and I paid 70% of the bills. Don't get me started.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Latest Bag

Here's my latest bag, pattern is from Amy Butler's Style Stitches. It's really huge but I found I have used it quite a bit. I used it as a carry-on this past weekend on a long weekend in Indiana. I threw my laptop in and books and knitting and it kept me busy, because flying on Monday was a day to be delayed in several airports. At least Delta likes me and upgraded me to first class. Love Delta.
I added a inside pocket and made some channels for my knitting needles. I have been doing quite a bit of knitting lately, almost finished with another baby sweater.
I Love this bag! Made with Amy Butler's home dec fabric from her August Fields collection, which is my fav. Need to order more of this fabric, yikes, it's expensive. My fabric addiction is so bad......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweater for gandson

I finished the little sweater for that grandbaby of mine. It went pretty fast and I actually finished it! a miracle of sorts you might say....There is a little hat to go with it and I will start that soon. I am going back to Indiana on the 27th of January to visit my little guy and he will get his sweater then. I heard yesterday that he rolled over twice yesterday for the first time.

I had to make a label. I had ordered some online but they got lost in the mail apparently, so I made this one with my fancy machine and I think it looks pretty nice. He'll probably never wear this sweater, but he'll know his grandma made it for him forever.... my little sweetie.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bags and Pincushions!!

I've gone crazy making bags. Made my boss this one and then had to make a matching pincushion. A little late for Christmas but she'll be okay with that! Life hasn't been too easy for me lately!

I've got a major bag in the works, thought I would get it done this weekend but ended up just cutting everything out and the interfacing. I love that interfacing, SP 101 for woven fabrics. I like it so much I bought a whole bolt of it with a 50% coupon from JoAnn's. I've already used 1/3 of it, so it was a good purchase. Every bag I've been making is using it. I highly recommend it.

My friend said he needed a pin cushion, I didn't know how to make a man a pin cushion. He's a funky sorta guy, so I decided on a black dot pattern with some funky green with it.

This little one is for me. It sits next to my sewing machine, so far it's still nice and clean.

....unlike this one that is a mess!!!

A well used pin cushion is a good thing I guess! I love making these little things. Quick satisfaction

A couple of bags for my junk that seems to collect next to my sewing machine. The top one has embroidery thread for that other project that is just sitting next to my bed.

A little stitching project, this little girl was so cute I had to do some embroidery and I haven't done that in years, don't know what this will end up in, but I've got ideas spinning in my head. Lots of little girls with different colored dresses in a quilt maybe??

Otherwise I have been knitting. I almost finished a Debbie Bliss baby sweater. I was working on the collar and messed up. I mean I really messed up. I think I have to redo the whole right side. Have you ever tried to undo a shoulder seam after you've woven it to the back? Impossible. The collar instructions got me confused and in repeating some rows, I got a long stitch and tried to repair it and by doing so, I ruined the whole thing right by the top of the right side where it couldn't hide. It's going to take me awhile to fix, I'm so disgusted. No pictures until it is respectable......if it ever is.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What an honor! Thank you to Sandy from Sew.......This is My Blog for tagging me! Right now she has an awesome giveaway going on! Make sure you check it out!! You better go fast because it ends tonight!

The idea behind being tagged is to award great blogs with less than 300 followers and to get the word out about these wonderful blogs. The rules are simple!

1.Tell your readers who tagged you.
2. Add a link to their blog.
3. Award 3-5 bloggers who you think deserve this award.
Inform them & post directions to your blogspot.
Please don't tag people who already have 300 followers.

I'm having trouble tagging anyone, because every blog I see have more than 3 kabillion followers except me!! I do enjoy looking at everyones blogs though! I don't quite know where the give-away is, but I am sure you can find it on Sandy's blog. Thanks Sandy, you are my lifeline right now....