Monday, January 10, 2011

Bags and Pincushions!!

I've gone crazy making bags. Made my boss this one and then had to make a matching pincushion. A little late for Christmas but she'll be okay with that! Life hasn't been too easy for me lately!

I've got a major bag in the works, thought I would get it done this weekend but ended up just cutting everything out and the interfacing. I love that interfacing, SP 101 for woven fabrics. I like it so much I bought a whole bolt of it with a 50% coupon from JoAnn's. I've already used 1/3 of it, so it was a good purchase. Every bag I've been making is using it. I highly recommend it.

My friend said he needed a pin cushion, I didn't know how to make a man a pin cushion. He's a funky sorta guy, so I decided on a black dot pattern with some funky green with it.

This little one is for me. It sits next to my sewing machine, so far it's still nice and clean.

....unlike this one that is a mess!!!

A well used pin cushion is a good thing I guess! I love making these little things. Quick satisfaction

A couple of bags for my junk that seems to collect next to my sewing machine. The top one has embroidery thread for that other project that is just sitting next to my bed.

A little stitching project, this little girl was so cute I had to do some embroidery and I haven't done that in years, don't know what this will end up in, but I've got ideas spinning in my head. Lots of little girls with different colored dresses in a quilt maybe??

Otherwise I have been knitting. I almost finished a Debbie Bliss baby sweater. I was working on the collar and messed up. I mean I really messed up. I think I have to redo the whole right side. Have you ever tried to undo a shoulder seam after you've woven it to the back? Impossible. The collar instructions got me confused and in repeating some rows, I got a long stitch and tried to repair it and by doing so, I ruined the whole thing right by the top of the right side where it couldn't hide. It's going to take me awhile to fix, I'm so disgusted. No pictures until it is respectable......if it ever is.....

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  1. Oh my goodness. Those are the cutest pincushions I have EVER seen!!! Is there a pattern??