Friday, June 17, 2011


There is no sewing going on around this place, but I have been doing some reading.

I decided to get a Kindle. My co-worker thought the Nook Color was better and she highly recommended it. So I walked to the Barnes and Noble store and couldn't make up my mind which one I liked. I decided to buy it and return the one I didn't like. I decided to return the Kindle when I found out that a bunch of books I want to read are not available on the Nook although, according to the information on the website the Nook has 2 million books available. hmmph

Then my sister was given a Kindle and wanted to get a iPad, or a iPhone and couldn't decide what she should do. What is wrong with us? She is very incapable of doing anything on a computer, but for her needs I thought she should get the iPad. She finally just returned her Kindle and ordered a iPad. It hasn't arrived yet.

THEN, I knew she would ask me a million questions on how to use the iPad since I am the Macgirl and she can hardly turn a electronic device on. Since I really wanted a iPad to begin with but was trying to be frugal, I ordered a iPad and it arrived about 2 weeks ago. My excuse was that if I needed to help my sister, I had better have the device the fact that my sister can't have an electronic device before me.....

Now I have 3 eReaders. This is just stupid.

If I could, I would probably return the Nook Color, but the return policy says it has to be done within 2 weeks. Since I did all this the Nook has come out with a different Nook and I think I actually like that one. No, I am not going to buy it.

What I have found out is I use all of them. I especially like the Kindle for the treadmill. It is so small and lightweight. It fits nicely in my purse and I can read at lunch when I am at work.

I also have the Kindle app (and also the Nook app) on my iPhone, so when I am stuck somewhere I can read on my phone and then when I use my Kindle, or iPad the next time, it will automatically sync to the last page I read. This is really a good thing.

The iPad and the Nook are good for reading in bed because of the light, but the Kindle is great for reading out on the deck. The Nook has Angry Birds on it(so does the iPad) and I love Angry Birds.

I love the way the iPad and the Nook turn pages. In fact, that is my only complaint about the Kindle. I keep accidentally touching the sides and it will turn the page. The iPad and the Nook use the slide or touch of your finger on the screen and that works much better for me.

So depending on where I am, depends on which one I am using. Don't tell anyone that I have 3 eReaders.


  1. LOL I am so happy to see someone as indecisive as I am sometimes! Enjoy your new toys!!

    What are you reading, by the way?

  2. Sandy, I am reading books written by Joel Rosenberg. The Twelfth Imam is the latest in the series. Now I have read the first, The Last Jihad, and now starting the second, The Last Days. Political thrillers, I guess is what you call them. I also like historical novels from the 17-18th century, but right now the Rosenberg books have me reading like crazy, maybe since my trip to Israel, they are eye-opening or thought provoking to say the least.