Monday, June 6, 2011

OS X Lion

I'm a Mac girl. Everything Mac. Am I excited about the new OS Lion?  You bet!!!  I am a computer weirdo tech girl, don't know why I am on this forum, but I am.

I have resisted the temptation to get an iPad, but I have ordered one and it is now in Anchorage, Alaska (according to my tracking inquiry). Should be delivered to Seattle maybe tomorrow, or the next day. My sister is the sensible one. She was raised when my parents didn't make much money. Me, on the other hand, grew up with a Nordstrom charge card. Not necessarily a good thing. She has taken the plunge and ordered one too. I will have to help her because she has trouble opening email......So my reasoning is that I had to get one to help her.....

She has her grandkids about 3 hours away and is excited to use FaceTime. They have tried Skype, but have troubles. FaceTime for me and my kids in Indiana is effortless.

I just saw the video of Steve Jobs in his keynote speech for Apple. God bless this man. He looks thinner than ever. I pray for him. He needs our prayers for his health. He has been such a good thing for our country and our technology. Even if you are a PC person. Please, I am from Microsoft country here in Seattle. I appreciate all computer techno weirdo's. God bless Steve Jobs.

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