Sunday, August 7, 2011

another bag

I got a bit side-tracked because of the error the printer did. I had taken the pattern to a printer to have them enlarge it to 400%. I cut out fabric all evening and when I was putting it together I knew there was something wrong, I paid nearly  $30 for this stupid printer and I think they only enlarged it to 200%. I wasted lots of fabric and time. I decided to use the scraps for potholders. Not quite finished but here is the start with my "new-old initials". (I went back to my other name, I would like to erase the past 5 years from my life, especially anything to do with that name).

I bought all this vinyl fabric for some bags and I couldn't help but start. I have the panels for the outside and the lining finished. Next is the zipper. The lining is the houndstooth in the background. Isn't that the cutest fabric.? I'm not using it for a eyeglass case though, but I have enough fabric to do that. I plan to use it for makeup. I needed a cute bag for my cute bathroom in my very cute apartment. I think my daughter will love this bag too and I will probably have to make one for her and also my daughter-in-law. I don't why I love making these bags, but I sure do....

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  1. Very nice! Except for the stupid printer it looks like you're having fun!