Monday, August 1, 2011

inspiration bag

Today I went to Pacific Fabrics on 4th Avenue to find me some solid Kona fabric for the Denyse Schmidt quilt.  I think I went a little crazy. I wanted bright, and I love this shopping bag I use around town.

Not sure if the colors will show up correctly but it is a orange and bright pink strap. I found some of the organic fabric in the colors that looked good next to the bag, and I went for it. Now that I am home, I am blinded by the brightness! Holy moly! They are in the wash right now, surely they will fade once I wash it a few times. The back is probably going to be a turquoise. That ought to tone it down a bit. Yeah right.

Another beautiful day in Seattle!


  1. Oooooh, Pink and Orange and Turquoise. LOVE IT!!!

  2. so after I washed it, the fabric has already gotten a comfortable feel to it. I love the softness of organic fabric.