Monday, August 15, 2011

Second date

Tell me how you feel about this comment on the second date. This coming from a professional, successful airline pilot of a major airlines who claims to be a "Christian".

 "Take your bra off so I can see your titty's under your shirt".

The date was over.  God help us.

Back to being a non-dating person.....


  1. NO way! Really? I hope I never have to enter the dating world again, lol! Good luck.

  2. My jaw just dropped. I can't believe any sane man would say ANYTHING like that to a lady on a date. To say that was a deal-breaker is an understatement of the highest degree. Sheesh!

    If he *wants* that kind of company, he should go to a place that provides that sort of company and pay for it.

  3. OMg - That is so tacky I can barely believe it isn't made up! You are better off not dating if that is what's out there. Good grief!!!