Saturday, September 10, 2011

At the Beach

 I made a sudden trip to Cannon Beach all by myself. Arrived yesterday and what a beautiful weekend it will be!!! Happy girl here!!!

After all my walking on the beach, I have the blisters to prove it, darn thongs!!  Today I will be barefoot with sunshine, sand, ocean, and my Kindle. Time to relax!!!

  I confess, I have more than one new quilt in my head. As far as the works in progress, I have 44 of 60 blocks completed(2 quilts). Fall is in the air, I can tell, this is the time when projects run amuck in my head.

I have my Bernina 730 for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. Sale ends Monday. Hope you enjoy my photo's, I think they look amazing myself!!!!

1 comment:

  1. What gorgeous photos!! Looks like a lovely day. Too bad your poor feet didn't fare so well. Good luck on selling the Bernina!