Friday, November 29, 2013

The Mission: Turn Burda 7863 into J Crew Toothpick jeans

My first attempt at turning this pattern into a pair of skinny jeans is in the works. I bought the fabric at Really my favorite fabric store. Not cheap but well worth it. They have stretch denim in all the colors I would want. The first pair is a faded blue slub, which looks EXACTLY like the fabric in my J Crew jeans ($130). So those are going to be the pair for me to copy.

They say to choose the size in your measurement which is really hard to do. A 14 really??? In the stores, I wear about a 6, American women usually do not care for double digits. Oh well, I'm not the skinny girl I used to be. 

My thoughts on the sizing is that the 14 fits me like a regular pair of jeans, not what I want. I am resizing the pattern as I go for the next pair, which is going to be the color, coffee.  So far I have taken 2 inches out of the crotch length, it might need to be 3 inches. Otherwise, they just might look like 'mom jeans' and no one should want to wear mom jeans if you don't have to.

The length is at least 2 inches too long. The upper thigh is somewhat tight but needs to be tighter. I need to at least go down to a size 12, maybe a size 10. The entire leg needs to be taken in, as much as 1.5 inches at the ankle. 

The pattern has you make the pocket with denim fabric, but I never have owned a pair of jeans with denim fabric pockets so that had to go. I used muslim that I have a bolt of. I sewed the pockets on the inside like the ones I wear, stitched twice. First seam is about a 1/4 seam with wrong sides together, then turned
and with right sides together, another 1/4 seam to enclose the previous seam. viola.

I have made these jeans using my BabyLock Evolution about 90% of the time. I have used several stitches  used in jean construction. The Cover Stitch is used all over the place and also the 3-Thread Overlock- Narrow. I used heavy weight thread. Mettler calls it Extra Strong. I think Guterman calls it heavy weight or jeans thread. I used either of these throughout construction. except for the pockets. For the belt loops, I will use do a long strip of cover stitch- wide, and then cut them. Just like J Crew's. 

I'm ordering fabric for the 3rd pair of jeans, it could be called electric blue but emma calls it cobalt. by then I should have this pattern perfected to look like this. 

Now those are skinny jeans. Love em.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Your Mother's Jeans

My next sewing challenge will be to make a pair of jeans. I mean skinny jeans. There are no patterns for skinny jeans. The closest pattern I can find are called tapered and they are anything but skinny. I want these jeans like J Crew's Toothpick jeans. I will have to make my own pattern from my J Crew's. The place that I find the best denim with some stretch in them is EmmaOneSock. They will send you free samples of up to 5 different fabrics. The fabric is fabulous if you want really good stuff. It isn't a place to go if you want inexpensive fabric.

From what I can tell from the jeans patterns from Vogue and McCalls, they are the proverbial MOM JEANS. I do not wear mom jeans.  I bought a pattern from Burda 7863, you can see it here. They have not arrived in the mail. The description says 'slim jeans'. That has yet to be determined. I see a couple of sewers out there who have made these to look like skinny jeans. So that is my goal. A photo of this blogger's skinny jeans are  here and I think they look quite smashing.

I will start by shortening the crotch length by an inch. I hope not to get tired of these jeans before I get a sample made that fits.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

More bags!!

How cute are these??? (if I do say so myself…)

100% natural linen, Heather Ross lining. 2 of my favorite things. I also love that 6mm long triple stitch that I put near the zipper. 

My machine has big huge bobbins that I keep in a case that they come in. Unfortunately they end up in any of 10 drawers. Now they will belong in this bag. Always trying to organize, a never ending feat. Can you tell my favorite color is orange??  well, maybe green, and I like black too.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What have I been doing for the last nearly 2 years?? I have no idea. Still sewing. Bags, and more bags. Here is one of the latest large cosmetic bags. I put vinyl on the inside. The plan was that I would take it to Florida with me but it didn't get done in time. Oh well. I have made so many of this style bag in different sizes you would think I would be an expert. I think I learn something each time to make it better next time. Vinyl can be quite a bear to sew with. 

The boyfriend thought he should get a bag. Lightbulb moment. He just made me decide what he's getting for Christmas. I'm going to fill it with crazy socks. I learned last year the man only does crazy gifts. I got magnetic measuring spoons plus a couple other non memorable type items. This year he gets socks, plus a hand made bag from me....

 It had to be 'manly'. So I bought faux black leather. I laminated the black and white striped fabric for the lining, cause I know his toothpaste will get all over. The man is a mess.

Had to embroider a little label on the inside with a little heart. Aren't I sweet?