Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Your Mother's Jeans

My next sewing challenge will be to make a pair of jeans. I mean skinny jeans. There are no patterns for skinny jeans. The closest pattern I can find are called tapered and they are anything but skinny. I want these jeans like J Crew's Toothpick jeans. I will have to make my own pattern from my J Crew's. The place that I find the best denim with some stretch in them is EmmaOneSock. They will send you free samples of up to 5 different fabrics. The fabric is fabulous if you want really good stuff. It isn't a place to go if you want inexpensive fabric.

From what I can tell from the jeans patterns from Vogue and McCalls, they are the proverbial MOM JEANS. I do not wear mom jeans.  I bought a pattern from Burda 7863, you can see it here. They have not arrived in the mail. The description says 'slim jeans'. That has yet to be determined. I see a couple of sewers out there who have made these to look like skinny jeans. So that is my goal. A photo of this blogger's skinny jeans are  here and I think they look quite smashing.

I will start by shortening the crotch length by an inch. I hope not to get tired of these jeans before I get a sample made that fits.

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