Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What have I been doing for the last nearly 2 years?? I have no idea. Still sewing. Bags, and more bags. Here is one of the latest large cosmetic bags. I put vinyl on the inside. The plan was that I would take it to Florida with me but it didn't get done in time. Oh well. I have made so many of this style bag in different sizes you would think I would be an expert. I think I learn something each time to make it better next time. Vinyl can be quite a bear to sew with. 

The boyfriend thought he should get a bag. Lightbulb moment. He just made me decide what he's getting for Christmas. I'm going to fill it with crazy socks. I learned last year the man only does crazy gifts. I got magnetic measuring spoons plus a couple other non memorable type items. This year he gets socks, plus a hand made bag from me....

 It had to be 'manly'. So I bought faux black leather. I laminated the black and white striped fabric for the lining, cause I know his toothpaste will get all over. The man is a mess.

Had to embroider a little label on the inside with a little heart. Aren't I sweet?

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