Monday, December 2, 2013

Burda 7863

Here is the second pair of jeans. The first pair is not what I dreamed of. They were huge and high waisted. No way to fix that waist line that I can figure out. So it was on to the next pair. I made the same size since the faux leather has no stretch. I guess that was a mistake because these are too small. I can't get it right. I shortened the crotch length by 3 inches. The waist has a big gap in the back so I need to learn how to adjust that. Lots of work and I probably won't get to wear them….but they are cute!!

Now there are a few options that I see myself doing. I signed up for the Craftsy class, Jean-ius. That is where you learn to copy a pair of store bought jeans and then have your perfect fitting jeans. I watched lesson 1-3. Looks like lots of work and I have to go buy silk organza and some art pencils. hmmm, maybe next weekend.

Option #2 is to hope that someone makes the perfect pattern for my body. Angela Wolf has a jeans pattern that I am almost going to click 'purchase'. They look to be low cut jeans, they are boot cut, which is easy to turn into skinny. I think they look ok. They call for a 7 inch zipper and that sounds high waisted to me. I also wonder why they call for 3 yards of 60" fabric when all the other jean patterns call for less than 2.

I was also hoping that would come out with a skinny jean pattern. She makes patterns for women with hips and small waists and that sounds like me. She has one pair of pants and I bet I could turn that into a pair of jeans…..that will be option number 3. I don't think she will come out with a pattern in the next few days though…..

Looks like option 2 is my choice….

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