Monday, December 30, 2013

Skinny jeans!!!

I really have perfected my jeans! I bought lots of fabric to make more. I ordered some online from Some hot pink, melon, and light gray.  I never wear bright colors but I like them so much I am going wild. I found some nice black denim at a local fabric store today, so that means I have about 5 pairs of skinny jeans to make. Oops, I mean 6. I forgot about the Angela Wolf fabric that I just ordered. Maybe one pair will turn into some bootcut jeans, but I am pretty much stuck on skinny jeans, or toothpick jeans, as J Crew calls them.

The favorite pair is a cobalt blue, which is a blend of 3% spandex, 65% cotton and 32% polyester. This is from EmmaOneSocks. I found what I think is the same thing at That has not arrived in the mail yet. Those are all the wild colors mentioned above. I highly recommend the class from with Angela Wolf to make designer jeans. Great instructions, great instructor.

Today I received the present I bought myself, a grommet attacher. It wasn't cheap. This is to attach my rivets and jean buttons to the jeans. I have been pounding with a hammer, most are successful but none as easy as this thing works. Wow. Kinda pricey but really works well.

Unfortunately, my machine was taken in for service today and I won't have her back for at least a week. I have been very unhappy with the service where I got the machine so I took it elsewhere. No service plan there so I will have to pay out some big bucks but hope to get it running like it used to. 3 times at the other place is enough and I really feel they don't care about my million dollar purchase.

I would love to post some pictures of my jeans but it is so hard to take selfies!!! I live alone so I don't have a partner to take my picture! One of the other purchases that I plan to make is a tripod. Or maybe I should just buy a dress form, I have been looking for one of those too. Not enough space in my downtown loft though. Simplify Janice….

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