Monday, May 19, 2014

Attaching rivets and a jean button

There is nothing that will make your jeans look more professional than attaching rivets and a jeans button. I tried to do this with a hammer but the results were marginal. I ended up buying this and I have not regretted it.
Here is a pair of jeans that I made that are ready for rivets!
 This is a purchased Clover awl to make a hole and the rivets.
 Pick your spot
 this is the back side
 the rivet back piece pokes through the hole
 The TP-1 works like a stapler. Add the top piece to the machine, line them up, and pull it down.
 The jeans button works the same way. Now they look like I just purchased them at the store, except for my initials!

Skinny jeans from Angela Wolf pattern. LOVE LOVE

 Here are a few of my skinny jeans. I think I might be an expert at these now. I have made at least 7 pairs. The ones on top are a cobalt blue and I'm surprised at how much I wear them.
 Classic medium gray skinny jeans. Much tighter on me than on my mannequin name Millie.

 Wild insides are fun. and more fun with a glass of wine.

 This time I embroidered my initials on the back pocket and also the fly in red. Love it
 These are not so stretchy and I love them, fabric from a local fabric store. 2% stretch black denim. Really perfect. These were # 3 and I think I made them too short but look fine now that the weather is warmer. Wore them yesterday with Cole Haan flats and then flip flops. Perfect if I do say so myself.
 Denim is so hard to find with a 2% stretch. Looking for a light blue color but so far no luck. I think these were made before I had my grommet attacher which was such a great purchase for me.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt

 This is the Eucalypt dress from Megan Nielsen. Another winner. So easy and so versatile. The fabric is great, a medium knit, almost a thin sweatshirt weight. I can wear it over skinny jeans or wear it as a dress or wear it as a coverup at the pool. I can't wait for some warm weather.

Briar shirt #1

Here is the first Briar shirt I made. 
 This time I used the regular sewing machine for top stitching the band.
 It has the longer curved back. Looks great with skinny jeans.
 I love it! The fabric is so soft.

Megan Nielsen Briar tee shirt

This has quickly become my favorite tee shirt pattern. This is my 4th shirt out of this pattern in 2 weeks.  IMHO, you can always use more simple white tees. So here is my latest. Made completely on my serger except for the pocket.
 Coverstitch near the neckband. So easy.
Pocket not so easy. The rayon in this fabric makes it hard to stay still, but it turned out ok.