Monday, May 19, 2014

Skinny jeans from Angela Wolf pattern. LOVE LOVE

 Here are a few of my skinny jeans. I think I might be an expert at these now. I have made at least 7 pairs. The ones on top are a cobalt blue and I'm surprised at how much I wear them.
 Classic medium gray skinny jeans. Much tighter on me than on my mannequin name Millie.

 Wild insides are fun. and more fun with a glass of wine.

 This time I embroidered my initials on the back pocket and also the fly in red. Love it
 These are not so stretchy and I love them, fabric from a local fabric store. 2% stretch black denim. Really perfect. These were # 3 and I think I made them too short but look fine now that the weather is warmer. Wore them yesterday with Cole Haan flats and then flip flops. Perfect if I do say so myself.
 Denim is so hard to find with a 2% stretch. Looking for a light blue color but so far no luck. I think these were made before I had my grommet attacher which was such a great purchase for me.

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